Why a Move to Senior Living Can Make More Sense Before the Holidays

Senior mom with adult daughter by the Christmas tree for the holidays

When the holidays roll around, it’s only natural to try and make everything as bright and cheerful as possible for those you love, especially aging parents and older loved ones. But trying to recreate holiday memories can actually cause more stress than cheer, which is why a move to senior living before the holidays can be the best plan.

A last holiday at home, or a move to senior living? Some things to consider

Aging in place at home might seem to be what your parents would prefer. But it’s important to look at some reasons why this might not be wise—or even safe.

  • Holiday decorating dangers. Putting up a family tree or outside lighting can be fun, but it also can pose lots of hazards. Rickety ladders, poorly lit attics, heavy boxes, slippery steps, overloaded electrical outlets…the list of potential dangers is long for anyone, especially someone over the age of 70.
  • Difficulty getting out to shop. All those memories of family dinners, home-baked goodies, special breakfasts, and more…it all sounds wonderful, but it means trips to the grocer in weather that might be unpleasant and hazardous. Then there’s inherent dangers in the kitchen itself, which can include burns or a fall.
  • Feeling isolated. Older adults living at home often find themselves alone during most of the holiday season, simply because adult children and grandchildren are busy with work, school and special activities. In many cases, families live out of town and can only visit for a few days. The rest of the time can feel quite lonely for a senior.

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What a move to senior living before the holidays could mean

Enjoying a new, carefree lifestyle filled with activity and companionship is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season.

  • Decorations are there to enjoy. How reassuring it would be to know your parents could relax and enjoy beautifully decorated trees, twinkling lights and festive music, and happy smiles all around—without having to lift a finger!
  • With friends around, celebrating is a joy. No more waking up to a quiet, empty house or an afternoon on the couch just watching television. In a vibrant senior living community, your loved ones will be surrounded by their peers and have the reassurance someone is always close by if needed. And it’s much more fun to hear carolers or watch favorite holiday movies with good friends you see every day.
  • Bringing the family together is easier. What really makes a holiday dinner or brunch special? Being around the people you love, not spending hours in a kitchen.

A move to senior living gives your parents access to a setting that’s perfect for getting together. There’s usually a private dining room that can be reserved for special family occasions. Families also can enjoy community holiday events and decorations. The worry over Mom or Dad trying to do too much to be the perfect host is gone—now you can just visit and make wonderful new holiday memories!

  • Let it snow, let it snow. Weather can be quite unpredictable during the holidays; that can bring up everything from a faulty furnace to a leaky roof to dangerous driving on icy highways. Rather than have concerns over whether your older loved ones are trying to stay warm at home or safe on the roads, think about a move to senior living before the holidays. Safe, warm, content: all gifts that come from being a resident of a thriving community designed for healthy aging and wellness.
  • Practical concerns. Everyone likes to save money, and a move to senior living before the holidays can be a smart financial move. Since spring and summer are the busiest times for moving companies, your family can most likely realize substantial savings. In addition, moving before the end of the year lets your loved one get settled at a good time. They can make friends, learn their way around the community, and start fresh as the new year begins.

Senior living can be a true gift for your parents or older loved ones, so making the move before the holidays could be the right option for your family. Let us tell you more.

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