Why a Move to Senior Living Can Make More Sense Before the Holidays

Senior mom with adult daughter by the Christmas tree for the holidays and presents and decorations in the background

When the holidays roll around, it’s only natural to try and make everything as bright and cheerful as possible for those you love, especially aging parents and older loved ones. But trying to recreate holiday memories can actually cause more stress than cheer, which is why a move to senior living before the holidays can…

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6 Ways to Make It Easier to Move to Senior Living During the Holidays

Santa Claus and elder woman playing piano

A move to senior living isn’t just about packing and unpacking. It is a whole new beginning that lets you make the most of this exciting chapter of your life. And especially during the holidays, there are several ways to make it easier—even enjoyable—as you look forward to the new year in your new home.…

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