Know Before You Go: Questions to Ask When You Tour a Senior Living Community

Phot of a senior for the article Know Before You Go: Questions to Ask When You Tour a Senior Living Community

When you set out to tour a senior living community, you might think the best strategy is to just see how it “hits” you—you’ll either love it immediately or you won’t. But it’s impossible to make a sound decision about what could be a big part of your future without knowing all the details.

Give yourself ample time prior to your visit to come up with questions about topics that matter most to you. Think about how you like to spend your time. What you would like in a residence. Whether or not the location is a big factor. Also try imagining what you would like a typical day in a new maintenance-free lifestyle to look like.

Ask the right questions as you tour a senior living community to gain essential facts and to give yourself the freedom to just experience it as well.

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Finding a Sense of Safety and Security in Senior Living

Photo of a senior for the article Finding a Sense of Safety and Security in Senior Living

It’s been said that home is not a place, it’s a feeling. But for many older adults, the familiar feelings of security and comfort can slip away over the years as needs change. That is why so many opt for a lifestyle that offers them what they are looking for: senior living safety, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Senior living safety offers your family precious peace of mind that you have chosen the best living environment for yourself or for a loved one.

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What’s Included in the Cost of Senior Living

Cover photo of seniors for the article What’s Included in the Cost of Senior Living

The cost of senior living: just what are you getting? Quite a lot, from important services, amenities and experiences to intangible delights. Learn more.

You’ve chosen a lifestyle filled with companionship, stimulation and wellness. You’ll be surrounded by interesting people eager to share experiences. A cheerful and experienced staff will be on hand to assist when needed, 24 hours a day. You have a sound plan in place, offering both you and your family peace of mind both now and in the future. Priceless!

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What’s Important for You in a Senior Living Community?

Cover photo of a seniors for the article What’s Important for You in a Senior Living Community?

Choosing a senior living community requires careful consideration. Prioritizing wants and needs will give you more confidence when making a decision.

After all, this is where you want to feel completely at home, relaxed, safe, and cared for by people you trust. And of course, you will want to keep in mind how you want to feel in your new home.

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Ashland Parks — Opportunities for Seniors to Connect with Nature

An older man spelling a yellow trumpet vine in Ashland Parks.

Author Laura Ingalls Wilder once said, “Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.” She was right! Time spent in nature is good for the body and soul, and Ashland parks are ready and waiting for you, your family and your older loved ones to enjoy together. Just a few of…

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Ashland’s Arts and Learning Opportunities for Seniors

Group of seniors sitting in chairs at Ashland's Arts.

A love of the arts and the ability to learn are two things that do not fade with age. In fact, sharing cultural and learning experiences with your older loved one is a wonderful way to connect in a positive way. Ashland’s arts make it easy, especially when your mom or dad is enjoying senior…

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Ashland’s Annual Festivals That Seniors Won’t Want to Miss

Adult male and female riding on a rollercoaster at one of Ashland's local festivals.

Having fun with people you enjoy isn’t just a great way to spend an afternoon. It’s actually good for you and for your older loved one! Whether a resident of LSS Lutheran Village or LSS The Good Shepherd Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation Center, your mom or dad might just love attending one of Ashland’s local festivals…

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Ashland: The Ohio Town That’s Great for Seniors

Group of seniors celebrating Ashland Ohio!

It’s a perfect combination: an easygoing, relaxed country ambiance with friendly neighbors, beautiful scenery and a great location, together with outstanding choices for senior living and care. Ashland, Ohio is where seniors and their families want to be. At LSS Senior Living, we want to give you a few details of why we think so…

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Finding Connection and Purpose During Retirement in Ashland

Two elder women clinking coffee mugs finding connection and purpose during retirement in Ashland.

There’s a saying that “A good friend is a connection to life.” That’s especially true for older adults in assisted living or skilled nursing who often see their social network fade away. Yet the benefits of connecting with others never grow old—which is why aging well in Ashland is an ideal choice. Opportunities for building…

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Staying Fit During Retirement in Ashland

Group of elders participating in water aerobics.

Physical activity and fresh air are key ingredients for longevity, whether it’s an invigorating cardio workout or a fun game of chair volleyball. These benefits are important both for the wellbeing of your older loved one, as well as for you and your family, whether you live in Ashland or frequently visit to see Mom…

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