Ashland’s Arts and Learning Opportunities for Seniors

Group of seniors sitting in chairs at Ashland's Arts.

A love of the arts and the ability to learn are two things that do not fade with age. In fact, sharing cultural and learning experiences with your older loved one is a wonderful way to connect in a positive way. Ashland’s arts make it easy, especially when your mom or dad is enjoying senior living right here.

Learning new things keeps the brain in shape

According to the National Institute on Aging, older adults can still learn new skills, form new memories and improve vocabulary and language skills. In fact, studies have shown that older adults have larger vocabularies and greater knowledge of the depth of meaning of words than younger adults.

When a person learns something new, neurons in the brain form new connections. There can even be new neurons as a result of learning, which in turn become new circuits between nerve cells. It’s like aerobics for the brain, and it’s good for you…no matter your age.

Ashland’s arts and educational offerings: great activities to share with your older loved one

Chances are, your mom or dad has wisdom and memories they’d love to share with their grandchildren, and a fascinating museum, gallery or theater is a great way to do it. Just hearing their viewpoint on history offers insights into who they are and how they see the world; invaluable for younger family members who are keen to learn.

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Ashland’s arts: creative ways to stay mentally sharp

Who doesn’t love viewing a beautiful painting, listening to a lovely ballad, or laughing along with a whimsical theatrical production? Your older loved one might delight in a special excursion with you that involves the arts. There are extra benefits as well. Turns out, making art or even viewing art causes the brain to continue to reshape, adapt and restructure, thus expanding the potential to increase brain reserve capacity.

Here are just some of Ashland’s arts and cultural experiences to enjoy as a family:

  • Ashland University offers several ways to enjoy the arts including the Coburn Gallery, featuring visual artists from around the country as well as within the university, a wide variety of musical events featuring students and staff, and live theater performances throughout the year.
  • Check out the Mansfield Art Center in Mansfield for exhibitions, education and workshops spanning the arts.
  • A true beauty among historic venues in Ashland is The Ashland Theatre, which dates back to 1942 and was recently renovated. Enjoy a variety screen and live productions spanning new and classic movies, concerts and theatrical production.
  • Take in a movie at the historic Hayesville Opera House, built in 1885 and restored in 1995. The theater is accessible and a shining star among Ashland’s arts.

The right senior living also gives your loved one a front row seat to learning and the arts. At LSS Lutheran Village, residents enjoy a full calendar of activities. Movies, live musical performances, arts and crafts, gospel singers, music therapy and more are on tap year-round. Those residing at LSS The Good Shepherd enjoy concerts at the Ashland Bandshell, music therapy, singing and stretching, movies and lots more.

Senior living, the LSS Senior Living way

At LSS Senior Living, our goal is to offer seniors quality care and comfort in a friendly and warm environment that feels like home. We offer a continuum of services to lend a helping hand when you need them. Find out more about our communities:

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