Ashland Parks — Opportunities for Seniors to Connect with Nature

An older man spelling a yellow trumpet vine in Ashland Parks.

Author Laura Ingalls Wilder once said, “Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.” She was right! Time spent in nature is good for the body and soul, and Ashland parks are ready and waiting for you, your family and your older loved ones to enjoy together.

Just a few of the many benefits of nature for seniors:

  • Spending time outdoors can boost creativity, improve focus and concentration, and enhance memory.
  • A 2019 study in Frontiers of Psychology found that as little as 20 minutes outside — whether it’s spent exercising or just sitting— can significantly lower stress hormone levels.
  • Numerous studies have found that time outdoors can lower cortisol and blood pressure levels, as well as heart rates — all of which are factors for cardiovascular disease.
  • A recent Australian study saw fewer cases of high blood pressure among adults who spent just 30 minutes in green spaces each week.

And that’s just the beginning. Being in nature can improve a person’s mood, relax them and provide an opportunity for them to be more physically active. These are huge benefits for any senior, especially those who might be living alone or have mobility issues and spend a lot of time inside.

At LSS Lutheran Village and LSS The Good Shepherd, we believe that being outdoors with friends and family can turn an ordinary day into something truly special for everyone.

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Consider the many Ashland parks that are available for you and your loved one to explore together

  • Spend a day at Carpenter Nature Preserve, where diverse habitats can be accessed by trails and bridges so visitors can see eagles and sandhill cranes, as well as wildflowers and other plants that thrive in the forests, wetlands and grasslands.
  • When it comes to which of the many Ashland parks is best for birdwatching, Hurdle Waterfowl Park is a favorite. This park encompasses 66 wooded acres as well as several ponds for fishing and waterfowl.
  • Kingwood Garden Center is an accessible 47-acre botanical garden on the historic grounds of Kingwood Hall featuring beautiful gardens, unique plants, woodland trails, a historic mansion, display greenhouse, duck pond and peacocks.
  • Anglers in the family? Visit Charles Mill Lake Park for bass, crappie and catfish. Or just relax and enjoy the beauty of one of the loveliest Ashland Parks.
  • Freer Field is a 78-acre park traversed by two miles of trails including a one-mile paved loop through woodlands filled with hardwoods, pines and holly bushes. If mobility is a challenge, Ashland County offers its “Everybody Rides” program so disabled visitors can use adaptive bikes to join in.
  • View wildlife and stroll among majestic buckeye and walnut trees amidst 11 acres of land and a trail along the Jerome Fork of the Mohican River in the River Walk Nature Area. For more natural diversity, consider Byers Woods, spanning 215 acres of forests, wetlands and grasslands with more than three miles of trails to choose from.

Ashland parks are just one reason why so many people choose this area for their retirement. We would love to tell you more.

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