6 Ways to Make It Easier to Move to Senior Living During the Holidays

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A move to senior living isn’t just about packing and unpacking. It is a whole new beginning that lets you make the most of this exciting chapter of your life. And especially during the holidays, there are several ways to make it easier—even enjoyable—as you look forward to the new year in your new home.

6 ways to make it easier to move to senior living during the holidays

1. Consider it a big gift to yourself. Focus on the positive… all the chores, worries, unexpected repairs and costs you might normally encounter as a homeowner are gone. Instead, you can fill your newfound time and freedom with all the things you’ve want to do, or just take it easy for a while and wait and see what comes your way.

2. Let everyone get involved. People love to get together during the holidays, and families are no different. Grandchildren coming home from college to visit, out-of-town relatives stopping by to catch up, and friends who want to plan a special evening. So why not enlist their assistance? It could be as simple as dropping by to give you some decorating advice. Coming over to open a few boxes. Or even lending a hand with the actual move to senior living.

3. Leave time for holiday traditions. You want to pace yourself for any move, and a move to senior living during the holidays is no exception. So be sure to leave some moments where you can relax and participate in traditions that matter to you. Your grandchild’s school play, a special church service, or volunteering with a local charity. Taking an occasional break will help keep you fresh and ensure you don’t miss out on the season.

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4. Savor the beauty of the community. Most likely your move to senior living will mean being able to enjoy an amazing display of lovely holiday lights, décor, holiday treats and goodies, special music, and much more. Take it all in! Remember, you no longer have to stand on a rickety ladder or brave a dark basement filled with boxes to enjoy wonderful holiday decorations—it’s all there for you to enjoy without lifting a finger!

5. Bring some holiday cheer with you. Of all the boxes and bags of possessions that you bring with you during your move, be sure there’s at least one box filled with a few holiday items that have always meant a great deal to you. Maybe a special photo of Santa with your children. A figurine that you always have on your counter. Treasured cards from an old friend. While you are moving in and getting organized, add these familiar holiday touches to help you feel at home right way.

6. Get to know your new neighbors. The holidays are a great time to get to know the people around you. As you settle into your new home, invite a few neighbors over for a cup of coffee or glass of wine. They’ll appreciate you reaching out and it won’t be hard to find things to talk about at this busy and happy time of year. They also might have some pointers for you about the community that could come in handy.

Your move to senior living is just the beginning

New experiences, new friendships, new peace of mind. Making the move to senior living during the holidays is an invitation to explore new possibilities and pursue healthy aging as never before. Your family will also appreciate knowing you are surrounded by friendly people who share your goals, and a dedicated staff that cares about your wellbeing. You’ll have so many choices—and so many reasons to celebrate!

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