Is Assisted Living Right for You? Questions to Ask Yourself

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One of the most common senior living questions asked is: how do you know when it’s time to make the move to assisted living? While there’s not one “a ha” moment that signals it’s time, there are some indicators that can suggest you, or a loved one, might benefit from this supportive lifestyle.

Here are some senior living questions to ask yourself:

Safety concerns in the home

  • Have there been recent kitchen fires or appliances left on?
  • Have there been times when your loved one seems disoriented in a familiar place?
  • Have there been falls?
  • Does your loved one have poor vision, mobility issues or other conditions that are causing safety concerns at home?
  • Is 24/7 emergency assistance close by if needed?

Health & wellness

  • Has there been sudden weight loss or gain?
  • Has it become more difficult to get up from a chair, navigate stairs or walk smoothly?
  • Does it seem like it takes longer to recover come a common illness such as a cold? Have there been any recent health scares?
  • Are chronic health conditions becoming worse?


  • Are there lots of social opportunities available, or is your loved one often alone?
  • Does your loved one avoid activities they previously enjoyed?
  • Do they have active friendships and see acquaintances often?

Daily tasks & personal care

  • Has it become hard to keep up with yard work, house cleaning, laundry, shopping and other chores?
  • Can your loved one shower, dress, use the bathroom and manage their medications unassisted, or are they neglecting their personal hygiene?
  • Do you find piles of unpaid bills in your loved one’s home?
  • Are pets well taken care of?

Driving safety

  • Have there been accidents or close calls while driving?
  • How is their reaction time and vision; are they easily distracted in the car?
  • Does your loved one ever become lost on the way home?

Nutritional needs

  • Are there stale or expired foods in the pantry?
  • Do they live on TV dinners and take-out, opting to avoid cooking freshly prepared food?

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These senior living questions are important. But sometimes the signs aren’t as obvious. Emotional health is very important for older adults and is closely connected to social engagement and a sense of purpose. Having adequate “social capital”—the connections you make with people you can trust and depend on—can be a challenge to maintain as a person ages. Friends move away, family members are busy with work and children, and neighborhoods change.

Yet, it’s never too late to make new friends and connect with others!

According to studies done around the world, socialization improves mood, cognition and memory recall, and is associated with healthy behaviors, including exercise. Having friends around helps your brain as well, and helps ward off anxiety, stress and depression. Just holding someone’s hand or briefly hugging can lower blood pressure, and the effects last all day.

Even more encouraging, results have shown that seniors who are more active socially are more likely to live past the age of 90, and on average live 5.4 years longer than those who are less engaged.

Assisted living could be the right answer to these questions

A vibrant, wellness-oriented assisted living setting could provide the perfect antidote to isolation. You or a loved one will be surrounded by friendly, interesting people who are ready to share their experiences with you. Whether it’s having companions at mealtime, having the encouragement of others for exercising or learning, sharing life’s experiences, or simply feeling part of a welcoming neighborhood, assisted living could be the right answer to your senior living questions.

Senior living, the LSS Senior Living way

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