Spot the Signs: Is It Time for a Loved One to Move to Senior Living?

Is It Time for a Loved One to Move to Senior Living

Is it normal signs of aging, or is it time for senior living for your loved one? Here are a few signs to watch for so you can decide.   

Senior living that is warm and welcoming and feels like home is a wonderful choice for an older loved one who might feel unsteady and alone at home. At LSS Senior Living, we are here for you. 

Age brings changes, some of which are more obvious than others but all are worth attention, when considering the welfare of an older loved one. One of the most common questions asked is: how do you know when it’s time for senior living?  

In truth, there’s rarely one moment that signals “this is the time.” Rather, it’s more often a gradual process that you may not even realize is happening at first.  

Signs to look for when deciding if it’s time for senior living 

Little or no social connections 

Everyone needs their quiet alone time occasionally. But if your loved one seems to rarely leave their house or constantly declines invitations to join in on events, it might be a concern. Hearing loss or vision problems could be the culprit. Or, your loved one could be frustrated by the inability to remember names or dates. Whatever the reason, it’s important to find out what’s behind their isolation. Because feeling lonely is very dangerous for senior health. 

Schedule a checkup with a family physician and discuss the situation to see what exactly is going on and discuss whether it’s time for senior living.  

Poor hygiene  

Dad might have always been a casual sort who preferred t-shirts and work pants. But if it becomes apparent he’s not keeping up his appearance (getting a haircut, shaving, bathing as often) or his clothing (not doing the laundry, wearing the same clothes every day), it could indicate several things.  

It might be becoming physically harder for him to do those tasks. He also may not realize he’s neglecting them, which could suggest it might be time for senior living. Have a conversation with your parent first and find out if he would appreciate some extra assistance with laundry, grooming or other daily tasks.    

An unhealthy diet   

It’s so important for seniors to maintain a nutritious diet. But as a person grows older, they sometimes find the whole process of shopping for, planning and cooking balanced meals to be too much of a burden. In some cases, simply having someone drop by occasionally with a supply of meals can solve the issue.  

But if you see spoiled food in the refrigerator or an unstocked pantry, it could be a sign that they are skipping meals.  

Confusion over medications 

Struggling to open a bottle of pills or understand a label can be difficult for anyone of any age. For a senior, it can be much more serious.  

It’s estimated that daily, 750 older people in the United States are hospitalized due to serious side effects from medications. It’s a major source of concern for family members and can be a red flag that it’s time for a move to senior living, where professional staff will monitor the dosage and timing of medications for your loved one. 

Signs of bruising and falls 

Falls are the leading cause of injury and death in adults 65 and older. If your loved one is living on their own, your concerns are warranted. Pay attention to their balance and mobility. Inspect the home for tripping hazards such as throw rugs, rickety stairs, piles of newspapers or clothing on the floor. If they do show signs of a recent fall, take them to their physician so  you can start the conversation about whether it’s time for senior living.  

When you decide it’s time for senior living 

While change is never easy, it’s sometimes essential to help safeguard the health and safety of someone you love. Small changes such as an occasional home health aide stopping by might work in the short term, but challenges come with that as well (scheduling, reliability, financing, etc.). In contrast, choosing a senior living environment that is specially designed to promote senior health and wellness can help stave off future issues.  

But the best part is knowing how the right care option can enhance the quality of life of your loved one. Senior living that is warm and welcoming and feels like home is a wonderful choice for an older loved one who might feel unsteady and alone at home.  

Dining is delicious and nutritious. Socializing is safe and fun. Staff are on the premises 24/7 to assist in emergencies. And you have the peace of mind of knowing they are enjoying a lifestyle dedicated to their safety and lifelong wellness. 

Senior living, the LSS Senior Living way 

At LSS Senior Living, our goal is to offer seniors quality care and comfort in a friendly and warm environment that feels like home. We offer a continuum of services to lend a helping hand when you need them. Find out more about our communities:

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To learn more, download our Just the Facts: Assisted Living Guide. Speak to an advisor today, we’re here to help! 

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