Amenities Count: Comfort and Convenience in Today’s Senior Living Communities

Senior Living Amenities

When the subject turns to retirement, many people’s first thought is what type of senior living amenities will I be able to enjoy? While the list varies for each community, there are some that offer exceptional convenience as well as enjoyment and truly enhance the quality of life for you or a loved one.

Senior living amenities: making a great lifestyle even better

As you think about what life could be like in senior living, consider what would be on your wish list. You might be surprised to find out just how much you’ll find in today’s modern senior living communities. For example:

Smartly designed residences

Can an apartment be an amenity? Absolutely, especially when it makes your life easier. Today’s senior living communities understand older adults want a range of floor plans to choose from, so they can select the size and layout that works best for them. Some are larger than expected. Some have full kitchens. All offer important safety features such as accessible bathrooms with grab bars and walk-in showers.

Welcoming dining venues

Among senior living amenities, dining is one of the most popular. Residents appreciate knowing well-prepared, nutritious dining is just steps away. Menus feature meals that are tastefully prepared and impressively presented. Dietary restrictions are respected and when requested, familiar favorites are usually available on an “always available” menu. Eating right is vital for seniors, and today’s communities are responding.

Convenience services

Housekeeping, laundry, transportation, security, a beauty salon/barber shop, maintenance, 24-hour security, an emergency response system, and much more are all designed to take away the stress of daily life (and the negative health effects stress can have on older adults) and replace it with peaceful, easygoing moments. Moments you can fill any way you choose.

Fitness and wellness programs

Balance and strength are great assets when the goal is healthy aging. Most senior living communities today feature a fitness center and/or programs including classes in cardio exercise, instruction on senior-friendly weight machines, and sessions on relaxation techniques including yoga and Tai Chi. All just steps from a resident’s door and all enhanced by the motivation that comes from exercising with peers who share your goals.

An emphasis on lifelong learning

It might be a well-stocked library, regular visits by a bookmobile, classes that invite discussion and conversation, trivia contests, or a documentary about lions in Africa—senior living amenities today include more and more ways to keep your brain sharp.

Multiple opportunities to socialize and make friends

Research tells us how important it is to remain social as we age. There’s just something about the connection with others that enhances our physical health, as well as our emotional and mental wellness. That’s what makes socialization one of the best senior living amenities—because the setting makes it easy it is to get these benefits.

You can join group outings to shop, have lunch, or visit a local attraction. You can make new friends at dinner. Walk the community with your neighbor. Play games, worship together, and watch a movie together. Even if you tend to be an introvert, just knowing that friends are easily available can boost your mood.

Senior living amenities: it’s what matters to you that counts

A glitzy chandelier or two is nice. A grand entrance is impressive. But what most seniors are looking for are amenities that make life easier, more enjoyable, more comfortable and even healthier.

Those are the kind of amenities and services you’ll find at LSS Kensington Place, LSS Lutheran Village, and LSS The Good Shepherd—amenities that matter and make each day the best it can be. We’d love to show you what we mean.

Senior living, the LSS Senior Living way

At LSS Senior Living, our goal is to offer seniors quality care and comfort in a friendly and warm environment that feels like home. We offer a continuum of services to lend a helping hand when you need them. Find out more about our communities:

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