Finding Connection and Purpose During Retirement in Ashland

Two elder women clinking coffee mugs finding connection and purpose during retirement in Ashland.

There’s a saying that “A good friend is a connection to life.” That’s especially true for older adults in assisted living or skilled nursing who often see their social network fade away. Yet the benefits of connecting with others never grow old—which is why aging well in Ashland is an ideal choice. Opportunities for building…

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Staying Fit During Retirement in Ashland

Group of elders participating in water aerobics.

Physical activity and fresh air are key ingredients for longevity, whether it’s an invigorating cardio workout or a fun game of chair volleyball. These benefits are important both for the wellbeing of your older loved one, as well as for you and your family, whether you live in Ashland or frequently visit to see Mom…

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Live Well During Retirement in Ashland

Senior couple on a stroll outdoors with fall colored leaves on the tree.

Ashland, Ohio makes it easy to enjoy life. Not only can your older loved one benefit from exceptional assisted living or skilled nursing and rehabilitation, your family and friends also have access to the area’s interesting and fun activities, events, destinations, learning opportunities and more. It makes getting together a pleasure, and it makes retirement…

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